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​Capture the Aura of Spaces

「通過鏡頭所看到的干變萬化的世界,未必是建築的,也未必是美感的,可以自目之所見體會到一種抽象的感性的存在,靈動而無法形之於文字,或無法落實到現實之中。無以名之 , 只好承認視覺藝術昇華到性靈的天地,稱之為詩情。」  

- 漢寶德

The ever-changing world seen through the lens is not necessarily limited to architecture, nor to the aesthetically pleasing. An abstract sensory presence is perceived by the eye, with an inspiration that cannot be expressed by words alone, nor implemented in reality. Impossible to pinpoint, but to acknowledge that this visual art form has been elevated to the level of spiritual sublimation, by calling it poetry.”  

- Pao-teh Han

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